Butterfly Scatter Garden

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Experience the enchanting Butterfly Garden with the Butterfly Scatter Garden! This collection of 18 seed varieties includes flowers specially chosen to attract butterflies, creating the perfect butterfly habitat. Delicately floating colors landing on alluring flowers will bring joy to your yard. Grow your own butterfly paradise with our growing directions.

Flowers include (1) California Poppy, (2) Siberian Wallflower,(3) Perennial Lupine, (4) Tall Blue Cornflower, (5) Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, (6) Purple Cornflower, (7) Dwarf Cosmos, (8) Sweet William Pinks, (9) Gayfeather, (10) Bishop’s Flower, (11) Showy Milkweed, (12) Butterfly Milkweed, (13) Dwarf Godetia, (14) Indian Blanket, (15) Annual Phlox, (16) Plains Coreopsis, (17) Sweet Alyssum, (18) Black-Eyed Susan. 
 zones. 4–9 | seed. 14 g | coverage. 125 sq. ft.